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The Formeur

Alpine A110 Winter

Alpine A110 Winter

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The new Alpine A110! The worthy heir to the Berlinette with an ounce of modernity!

This new Alpine A110 is a total success without falling into excessive chauvinism. Above all, we must salute the tremendous work done in terms of design with a spirit, lines and proportions preserved. Not an easy challenge when you know the myth that the original berlinette has become. With an engine that feels like it's growing wings in this light body, an efficient gearbox and a perfect chassis. It's hard to blame it for its few interior finishing flaws. She also managed to retain her DNA.

Size: 30 (L) x 40 (H) cm

Frame not provided

250gr satin paper

the registered illustration - cannot be copied under penalty of prosecution

Delivery: 3 to 5 working days

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